• i had a wonderful birthday last week, and i feel like i have just been powering along into 29 ever since.  work has been productive and appreciated, i t, and my life is full of just the greatest people. i am so fortunate.
  • on saturday, we went bowling with a small crew of said great people. friends, i bowled a 32. i am stating that publically. i didn't know such a score was possible. meanwhile, brett had 5(?) strikes and bowled a 219. damn. fortunately the second game was much closer, with all of the scores in the 80s and 90s (mine included!). bowling was followed up with a delightful trip to the diner. chicken fingers & a chocolate milk shake = big girl birthday celebrations. call me 29 going on 12. 
  • the sun is shining and the sky is blue. but my snow is nearly gone and the icy and bare fields break my heart. please, oh please, bring on the snow.
  • i made this polenta with tomato and basil dish recently and it was heaven. please go make it. i topped it with goat cheese. i also had leftovers with an over easy egg on top-- similar to my favorite breakfast from kismet
  • i attended (and co-hosted) my first baby shower recently. separate post to come. holy grownup. 
  • recently, my love for this green tea with kombucha came back. full force. it's my afternoon delight these days. the lemongrass and kombucha cut the bitter green tea taste that i often dislike. 

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