self-love saturday.

ah, saturday- my good friend. we sure enjoyed each other today. a slow start to the day, a walk in the park with j & the pups. a short grocery list. in the moment when i intended to go to the gym, i lay down on the bed and spooned my dog instead. neither of us could have been happier. leftovers for lunch. a quick grocery shop, with the indulgence of tulips. my favorite-- especially the ones that are orangy-pink with yellow tips. so cheery on this rainy day. a birthday present ordered early. a workout with no time limits, and great pop music. after, on my way to the atm machine, i accidentally found myself outside the new gelato shop. i've been intending to try it for a while for a special treat, and today just felt right. after sampling many, i settled on mintpelier chip & creme fraiche. deeeeelicious. i walked home enjoying my treat, got the dog, and headed back to the park for another loop. now, finally time to shower & head to a lovely dinner to celebrate al's birthday. what a day.

i'm grateful for the gifts of tulips, movement & gelato. laundry, cleaning & work left for tomorrow. totally worth it.

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