intentions for 2013.

i've never been one to set resolutions at the start of the year-- but there does seem to be some value in setting intentions for the year ahead. what's the difference? i'm not really sure. but an intention seems less intimidating and more like something small i might actually do, at least from time to time. so here are a few ideas...

say yes more. take day trips. use the crock pot. initiate the five minute phone call with far away friends rather than wait for the never-gonna-happen hour catch up call. get in bed early enough to read with more frequency. drink more tea. de-clutter our apartment. practice yoga once per week- even a few sun salutations in the living room will count. host spontaneous dinners/potlucks. fill my tank before the gas light comes on. attempt to leave ten minutes earlier for work. purchase intentionally. bake more cookies. plan & enjoy our first "real" vacation. try new recipes. do more crafting- starting with knitting. get my eyes checked. send small pieces of mail to people i love.

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