a good bar.

i stumbled across this interesting article today. in steamboat, mambo was my "third space"-- where i gathered with my friends, felt known and a part of community. three penny could become that for me in vermont, but so far it's been an infrequent destination.

"The vaunted ‘third space’ isn’t home, and isn’t work - it’s more like the living room of society at large. It’s a place where you are neither family nor co-worker, and yet where the values, interests, gossip, complaints and inspirations of these two other spheres intersect. It’s a place at least one step removed from the structures of work and home, more random, and yet familiar enough to breed a sense of identity and connection. It’s a place of both possibility and comfort, where the unexpected and the mundane transcend and mingle." 

Why a Good Bar Is Essential to Sustainable Communities

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