week of fun.

it's been such a busy week that i'm looking forward to catching up on sleep a bit this weekend. but there have been so many lovely things that i meant to share with you!

last weekend started out with a fun night out. i had heard that a local vermont theatre group was doing a production of rent & knew that i needed to round up jenna and go. we both loved rent (j loved it even more than me!) in high school and we've each seen the play on broadway, sang songs in chorus, and i even own the movie. so we headed out to plainfield for the play with one of jenna's coworkers and caught dinner at the awesomely revamped positive pie beforehand. p.pie was delicious- enjoyed an algash white and a perfectly cooked burger. we headed over to the haybarn for the show and i was completely blown away. i was expecting a good ol' community theatre rendition of the play- but the level of talent and professionalism of the group was amazing! it was hard not to sing along, but i was successful until the end. all weekend i kept telling folks how great the play was and that they should make time to go see it!

saturday was a great balance of productivity (laundry, vacuuming, dog walking) and fun (dog walking in the cemetery, cremees, sunshine). then the evening was a delight. there was a big street party downtown in the afternoon which i enjoyed with brett's coworkers, and then we ended up back on our porch drinking beers with jen & al and getting to know our new neighbors. after that, we picked up burritos downtown (happy cinco de mayo!) and took them to jenna and al's to enjoy and let the dogs play. we wrapped up the evening with a walk (to another cemetery) to watch the super moon rise. what an incredible moon! it was so bright that there were shadows everywhere even.

lupe & od holding hands during a rare & brief break from playing.
 sunday was another quiet day but i wrapped up the day mountain biking with brett, al, jamie & the two dogs. it was a pretty technical ride (with three fast boys) and while i had plenty of frustrating moments and i walked my bike a bit, i was so proud of myself! i am a self proclaimed chicken, and i'm entirely intimidated by brett's coworkers and the crazy rides that they do, so this was a good step in the direction of self-improvement. last summer i preferred dirt road riding to single track riding, so we'll see what i enjoy most this summer. i came home muddy, scraped up, exhausted &smiling and we feasted on pork tacos with guacamole, showered and crawled into bed.

wednesday night brett and i went out for a fancy dinner. hen of the wood is a classy, locally sourced restaurant nearby, and i had purchased a deal for it ($25 for a $50 card) so we went for an early birthday dinner (the ol' man turns 30 next week!) and date night. we both got dressed up and had a wonderful time. the best things we ate: maine grown mussels with a garlic sauce and buttercake with lemon curd & rubarb.

last night i went to a play with my folks right in montpelier- another impressive cast. it's been so fun to have a little arts & culture this week! tonight i'm going for more as we're going to see feist. beforehand we are trying a new mexican place in burlington. i know- we have been living large this week. but we've tried to go two other fridays when we were in burlington for a show at the flynn, and both times they were too busy. so now we have a reservation and there is a margarita with my name on it (rocks & salt, please). tomorrow i'm heading down for a quick overnight on the cape, and then i'm back for another busy week at work!

longest post ever? apparently i've been too busy having fun to tell you about my moments as they occur. have a great weekend, friends.

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