There has been so much good news in my world this weekend!

Yesterday I learned that Kim, my freshman roommate at Vassar, is engaged to her partner, Lucas! As you may recall from below, I just saw Kim about a month ago in Boston, for the first time in 4 years. She mentioned that there was an engagement in her future, but didn't think it would be particularly soon. Turns out the time came sooner than she thought! Congrats Kimmy, on your engagement as well as your graduation from Harvard!

A few hours later, I learned that my dearest friend Jenna accepted a job as the guidance counselor at MAIN STREET MIDDLE SCHOOL. This is the middle school in MONTPELIER that we attended, walked to each day (uphill both directions in the snow) and graduated from to the tune of the Saved By The Bell. She has been on the job hunt for the past 5 months, in both NYC and Vermont, and this is AMAZING. Congrats, Jen, on your perfect new job, graduating from Hunter, and renewing your Vermont identity!

In other news, it is finally warm and sunny in Steamboat. It's been cold, wet, snowy & rainy for the past several weeks, and I thought spring was never going to arrive. It arrived yesterday in full force-- green buds popping, blue sky, sunshine, green grass. It's lovely. Brett and I had a great weekend on the farm, and now I'm back at work for 3 days before jetsetting from Denver at 1am on Thursday. Woohoo!

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Jenna said...

Now if I can only find a way to get you to join me in VT things will be perfect...