I ran home for lunch for the second day in a row. Sometimes lunch breaks really ruin my work flow, and other days they are such a blessing. Today it felt necessary.
What's for lunch today?
A roasted pepper, mushroom & red onion sandwich with herbed goat cheese. Yum!

So, the first two days of my April trip were spent in Boston. I spent two nights with my dear Vassar friend Emma. Emma was one of my earliest friends at Vassar- a hallmate in Strong Dorm. We bonded over our love for home states and the cultures we were raised in, a passion for dancing and good music, a following of the moon, and many other beautiful details. We remained close, although my rowing schedule for all four years limited our playtime. We've also remained close since graduation in 2006, although we (ahem, me) aren't always as good about staying in communication as desired. Regardless, we had a delightful day together watching the Boston Marathon, and met up with Kim, my freshman roommate, for breakfast. Kim and I have been positively terrible abut keeping in touch, but had such a fun time catching up over lattes and sitting on her couch. I also managed to run into a camp friend, Sam, at the Boston Marathon. We trekked across the city to meet Emma's roommate's friend and boom- there was Sam standing next to her! I love the way the universe conspires like that.

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