At our staff meeting yesterday we were discussing twitter. It came up that you have to be consistent in your "tweeting." You can't start off tweeting all the time and then fade off, because your "followers" create an expectation when you post regularly, and then lose interest if you taper off.

So, my dear readers, of which I know there are at least a few... I've let you down. A year ago I was posting almost every day, and I've become terribly irregular in the past year-few months-ish. I don't have internet at home! But I am going to try to be more regular with posting at least a sentence or photo.

Today, it is snowing. Real, sloppy, sticking to trees and cars and grass. I am wearing a turtleneck. And I am cold.


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Jenna said...

don't worry e- i still check (and love) your blog faithfully. xo