• sunshine
  • ab lab & kickboxing
  • salmon & squash (i'm really trying to create 'real food' for myself in what often becomes lazy-cooking-for-one routine)
  • tulips. every time i go to the store, i want to buy tulips. finally, they are on sale. now, they are on my table. i love them.
  • watching 'the philadelphia story'...it's a 1940's movie that my sweet grandmommy adores and recommended to me. i enjoyed the first half before dozing off.


  • an early morning workout. i've been really into yoga recently, as well as spin and kickboxing. i've had few individual workouts, and it was nice to get back into it for an hour.
  • salmon and eggs
  • excel spreadsheet chaos
  • a poorly attended meeting, which was frustrating...
  • but allowed for a plethora of "chick pizza" for me. yum.
  • good news that the potentially malignant mole i had removed was in fact a benign "cyst or ruptured hair follicle."
  • 24 hours until my dear cousin lauren arrives for a fun weekend. yippee!

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