"My friends and I greet each other in a wild profusion of words
And wave farewell amidst the wonderment of air
And in the laughing times we know that we are lucky
And in the quiet times we know we are blessed."
I am grateful for many incredible friends in my life. Perhaps one of greatest, and most longstanding, blessings has been my sweet friend Jenna. I am in the midst of enjoying a cheerful and brief visit with her. After five emotional, bittersweet days in West Hartford saying my goodbyes to my sweet grandmother (and of course, enjoying nice time with my folks and family), it is such a pleasure to enjoy a couple of days filled with chatting and laughing with Jenna. We've made the best of ugly weather with delicious food (eating is our speciality), heavenly yoga practice, walks, shopping, watching movies, getting manicures & pedicures, and simply enjoying each other's all-too-infrequent company. Love you Jen!

(heading off to college, 2002)

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Jenna said...

i loved seeing you too. someday hopefully we won't be so far apart. also please stop using that terrible picture of me (what was with the belly shirt? ugh.)