How to make the most of your instagram feed.

It's no secret that my favorite social media is instagram. It feels more personal and "smaller" than the facebook world, and I love the artistic side of capturing/filtering/editing the perfect image. My instagram page captures the little and big moments in my days, and I love both sharing those with others and having them stashed away for myself.

But then what? How do we make the most of that little feed?

I want to share my two favorite ways, each of which comes with a little promo for you.

1. Magnets! What could be better than a little series of magnets on your fridge with some of your favorite snaps? I've been using Sticky9 (formerly stickygram) for a few years. I've only done the classic magnet series, but they've certainly expanded their offerings. You can use my code FRIENDNI49 to save 15% off your order.

2. Books! I discovered Chatbooks in December and have fallen madly in love. I subscribe to an "instagram series" which prints a book every time I hit 60 photos in my feed. You can edit to omit photos (I left out a ton of my early instagram-learning how to use it-photos), choose to include date or captions (or not), and choose your cover shot. I now have 10 books in my collection. They are perfect little books to stash on your shelf, and the best part is that they only cost $6 per book. You can also make a custom book by selecting the specific photos that you would like included- I made one for Teo's first year as well as our wedding as Christmas gifts this year. Plus you can add friends to be contributors and incorporate their photos! I can't say enough awesome things about Chatbooks- and it is incredibly easy to use. You can use my code A4H4Q6AX to get your first book free!

What else is out there that I should know about?

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Alaya said...

Postal pix does really nice prints straight from your phone... I think they do iPhone cases too, but I haven't checked that out yet...