hey there, remember me?

summer flew by, filled with bbq'd meals, bike rides, and garden feasts. and now we find ourselves in the chill of fall. the indian summer fled to the hills and we're settling into dark mornings and chilly evenings. here are a few recent highlights. 

when the sky is blue, the foliage is stunning, the weekend forecast is dreadful, and dad says he wants to get out for a hike, you absolutely say yes. 

being best friends with a one year old is the best ever. i feel like the luckiest auntie ever to enjoy frequent play sessions, squawk-offs, and giggle endlessly with this kiddo. couldn't be more grateful to watch his parents grow with him each week, or for the joy he brings to me constantly.

we celebrated mom's bday with a late summer feast. lu's got her eye on the lobster!

scenes that make my heart sing.

sunday funday bike rides.

the only thing better than one leeper boy is two. i got to spend a lot of time with both of these guys during my first couple months dating brett, so this having brad stay with us for a week was a fond little reunion.

happy hour, vermont style.

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jenna said...

wow- i hadn't been to your blog in awhile and now there are so many new and awesome posts up! cannot wait to catch up. yay!