Another year gone by.

The second week of July is full of cheer for the Leepers. 

July 10th is the anniversary of when we started dating. I'm not sure exactly how one manages their 'dating anniversary' once they have a wedding anniversary, but I feel like the first 7 pre-marriage years shouldn't fly out the window just because we went and got hitched. It's hard to believe it's been 8 years since our summer at VVR, but I'm so grateful of the adventures we've shared since then. These pics are all of our visit to Colorado this past week, which was a fun trip down memory lane. 

July 9th is Lupita's birthday. This is Lu has a bitty puppy (less than three months), and this week she turned three years old. We love her for her companionship on adventures on the trails and in the woods, endless frisbee catching, sweet snuggles, and little kisses. At age 3, Lu loves treats of all kinds, her toys Clifford & Piglet, high fiving, and playing with her best friends OD and Danny. She's a good house guest at my parents' house, listens well, and finally doesn't require 2 hours of hard exercise a day. I'd say she's growing up!

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Jenna said...

Happy dating anniversary! 8 years deserves to be celebrated. Xo

PS I can't believe Lu is 3?!