To the Cape, we go.

I'm headed to the Cape this weekend. It will be my second visit to the house without Gran there (the last being for her service). I'm eager to be in a place so full of love & memories, and of course, there's also a bittersweet sentiment that hold strong.

And so, we will remember her well. We will walk on the beach in the morning. We'll channel and quote Mary Oliver as the sun rises over the marsh. We'll eat peanut butter toast and save the last bite of crust for her dog. We'll read in the chair on the porch, no matter the weather. The family will gather at the end of the day to have cocktails and dinner together. We'll likely even have coffee ice cream for dessert.

In my mind, she is forever reading in the chair on the porch. Even in February, she would bundle up and head outside to read so long as the sun was shining and the wind was light. We pretended she was on board a ship. Her strength and appreciation for her environment was always evident. When I look around the room for her, I'll just imagine that she's sitting outside reading & napping in the sun, just out of my view.

I've got my book packed, Gran. xoxo

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Jenna said...

Beautiful post Ee.