time in the kitchen.

i finally spent a little time back in the kitchen today after a few weeks of scraping along.

i adapted this recipe (i used pecans and craisins instead of dates and walnuts) for baked oatmeal for breakfast. i was a little anxious about how the yogurt might affect it, but it came out great. topped with a little milk and maple syrup, of course.

for dinner tonight we had our favorite little family of four over for an early dinner. lu & od rarely get to play inside together, but they were on their best behavior. our little six-monther was recovering from his first cold, but regardless the adults all had a great time. i made this mexican casserole- added shredded chicken and used less pepper or onion than the recipe called for originally. delicious.

and for dessert, my great-grandmother's brownie recipe topped with vanilla ice cream. sorry, that recipe doesn't get posted! :)

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