on sunday i finally made the butternut squash mac & cheese. SO good. i recommend this one big time- sweet, savory, light[er than if all cheese], and gooey. will definitely make again.

monday, i actually don't remember eating dinner. oh! i had a fried egg & toast after a work event. (see- it's not a gourmet show over here every night)

last night, i made spaghetti squash (roasted in the oven) with a sauce of tomato, sausage, mushroom & onion. served with roasted cauliflower and parm.

tonight i made an awesome carmelized apple & blue cheese pizza. with the addition of bacon and carmelized onion, because bacon makes everything better.

this week we'll also have quiche (a variation on this roasted sweet potato recipe)- i'm going for sweet potato, onion, bacon & goat cheese.

finally, i'm going to make this coconut lime chicken soup, though i'm concerned about the lack of 'thai seasoning'-- couldn't find it at the store. help, what should i use instead?

all around- yum.


Jenna Bravakis said...

Wait... Did I tell you about that pizza recipe or did we just have best friend esp? I made it with the same exact changes as you! It was oh so good.

Jenna Bravakis said...

PS I did a variation on the roasted butternut squash and apple salad from the website where you got the Mac and cheese recipe and it was great.