life these days.

do you remember me? i've really been weak to you lately, and i apologize. i promise i'll be back soon.

i'm filling my days with a lot of chaos at work, every last summery activity i can squeeze in, and a whole lot of wedding prep.

work: chaos.

summer: this past weekend included a full day of sailing with my parents and jenna, the prior weekend included a hike up stowe pinnacle, a sweet afternoon at joe's pond, and a little baby-mama scavenger hunt around town. i've been eating ice cream, fresh garden produce, and whatever else i can get my paws on. brett and i have had sunday evening picnic & swim dates the past two weeks.

wedding: 280 feet of decorations have been constructed by me, jenna & my mom. we've picked up my dress, met with our photographers, finalized every last delicious detail of the menu, ordered flowers, exchanged nine hundred and two emails per week on subjects ranging from napkin colors to necklaces to candles.  i'm madly in love with all of our vendors and the magic that they will help us to create. almost every day next week someone i love will land in vermont. how incredible is that? we are so excited to see most of our favorite people in the world, and are sad about those who can't join us for one reason or another. i am mostly calm, slightly overwhelmed, and absolutely excited!

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